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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)
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Capstone Edge Global Consulting is an international Consulting group based in Canada and specializes in Training, Management Consulting and Publishing of Research Journals.

About Canadian Contemporary Research Journal.

The aim of this journal is to provide a global platform for scholars, researchers and faculty members to share their contributions and findings to the existing body of knowledge and give visibility to their new discoveries. The publisher provides them and readers a wide-ranging platform to showcase their work within the global space.

The main emphasis is to publish authentic research work in compliance with high standard and originality along with other types of articles including, Editorial, case reports etc. Authors are being encouraged to follow the journal guidelines for further requirements.

With the principal goal of distributing findings pertaining to various recent subjects in diverse discipline, the Canadian Contemporary Research journals are helping the leading authors from all over the globe to share and exchange their original and innovative concepts to the global Community. The journals are acting as dependable and successful channels for several scholars including academicians, researchers and students and other outstanding affiliates of the global academic community.

We welcome all the readers, authors and researchers from all over the world to become part of the Canadian Contemporary Research Journal.

The Canadian Contemporary Research Journal follows a stringent double blind peer-review process under the guidance of a designated Editor. Canadian Contemporary Research Journal operates on the platform for global presence.

The journal consider articles from all Institutions belonging to any country regardless of their geographical locations. Articles are judged exclusively on their quality content by our outstanding Editors and reviewers. The publisher is committed to unceasingly striving towards getting more readerships to boost the existing global impact of authentic research work all over the world.